Title: UnknownArrivals N2
Artist: UnknownDustin O'Halloran
Album: UnknownLike Crazy The Score
Played: 1951 times

Favorite Natalie Portman Photos 

Title: UnknownAcross the Universe
Artist: UnknownRufus Wainwright
Album: UnknownPoses
Played: 415 times

Eva Green for Max Magazine (2007)

»I am psychologically disturbed. Why else would I be continually led into situations where you deliberately, withhold your plans from me? Why else?«


Armitage Appreciation Week || 2 days until Richard’s Birthday

favorite role Lucas North

Once Upon a Time Appreciation WeekDay Four : Favourite Story
                ↳ Vengeful to Hero

Had promised a post about Michael’s hands, but why focus on them only if we have that smile ?!